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Yuri Rasovsky

audiobook premiere of a one-act comedy

HOLMES Martin Jarvis
WATSON Kristoffer Tabori

   "You are, bar none, the most vexatious tenant in London," Mrs. Hudson shouts at Sherlock Holmes, "and something terrible in bed!"
   Dr. Watson is flabbergasted at the landlady’s bombshell, though Holmes merely shrugs until Watson starts to remonstrate with Holmes about financial matters. After all, with Holmes retiring, how is Watson to sell any more of his chronicles to pay his gambling debts, especially when Holmes threatens to sic his “solicitor” on the good doctor if he doesn’t cease his annoying writings?
   This scene is from the comedic play written by Yuri Rasovsky, “Ghastly Double Murder in Famed Detective’s Flat,” one of this trilogy of audio recordings. The play is an unexpected delight, an uproarious romp in a Sherlockian parallel universe, where Holmes and Watson are manipulative rivals rather than friends. The harangue Holmes endures from his long-suffering landlady, Mrs. Hudson, is especially hilarious. In a thick Scottish brogue, she chides Holmes for once again leaving “viscera” for her to clean up after he nonchalantly shoots a skulker in his apartment. She follows with details of his “abusiveness” over the years, including his “incredible messiness, fiddle screeching, malodorous experiments, drug-induced rampages” and the “countless malefactors breaking in, hiding in me pantry, and bleeding all over me coal chute!” The one-act play, a lively spoof, draws to a hysterical, plot-twisting conclusion.

— Alan J. Couture, ForeWord magazine

Martin Jarvis, Jane Carr and Kristoffer Tabori

Sitting/consulting room of the "famed detective's flat," 221 Baker Street, London.

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